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Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation can be confusing and unfair. There are an endless number of rules that can trip you up along the way. Worse, your employer and the insurance adjustor have no obligation to tell you the rules. Many workers try to go it alone but somewhere along the way something goes wrong and they have to call an attorney for advice. Ideally, you should hire an attorney at the beginning of your case because mistakes made at the beginning of a case can affect your case years later. However, no matter what stage your case is at please give me a call. I can help you whether it’s the beginning, middle or end of your case. Below, I’ve included some the questions people need to ask at each stage of their case. If you see your question, give me a call for an answer. If not, call me anyway and I’ll answer.


Right After Your Injury 

Should I report my injury? Can I go to any doctor? What is a panel of physicians and which doctor should I pick? Should I give a recorded statement? What is a statute of limitations and why should I worry about them? What do I do if my case is denied (controverted)?


Lost Wages

Does my Employer have to pay me lost wages?  How long does my employer have to pay lost wages? How much does my employer have to pay me for lost wages? Can my employer make me come back to work at a light duty job? What if my doctor releases me to full duty but I’m not ready?


You were fired

What if my employer fires me? Do I have to look for a job? Can I file for unemployment benefits?


Your Medical Treatment

Does the insurance company have to do what my doctor recommends? What does it mean if my doctor says I have arthritis or degeneration? Can I change my doctor? Can I get a second opinion? Can I just use my health insurance?


Impairment Rating

What is an Impairment rating? When do I get paid my impairment rating and how much will I get?



What is a settlement in a workers’ compensation case? How much is my case worth? What can I do to make my settlement bigger? Can I get pain and suffering?

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