We understand that becoming disabled is life-changing. Debilitating symptoms, financial struggles, and the inability to work can wreak havoc on your life causing bouts of depression and pain.


You paid into the system for years, can’t work, applied for disability benefits, and your social security application was denied. After all you’ve been through, now you have to put up an even bigger fight?


That’s where we come in.

Hiring an experienced disability lawyer to handle your SSI appeal will significantly help your case. From understanding your disability rights to addressing the judges in court, we can help you fight the system.

Finding the right disability lawyer isn’t something to be taken lightly, and we can proudly say we have represented hundreds of injured workers and garnered millions in disability benefits for our clients. We may not be the answer to all your headaches or take away all your stress, but we can guarantee steady, reliable, monthly income and dependable medical coverage is sure to alleviate at least some of your pains.

At Joel Thrift Law, we will answer your call.


With over 10+ years of experience as disability lawyers, we will focus on the details and man the disability paperwork so you can focus on what is most important: your health.


We will help through the entire SSI appeal process and prove to the judges why you deserve social security disability benefits.


Many people aren’t sure if they need an attorney to help them with their case. Some people would prefer to wait until the first denial to hire an attorney. It’s up to you to decide when or whether to hire an attorney. 

However, I would recommend you hire an attorney early enough to allow the attorney to develop your file. Social Security attorneys work for a percentage of your backpay check so your attorney will get paid the same amount no matter when you hire him, so don’t wait until a week before your hearing when it’s too late to get medical records or request opinions from your doctors.

Also, make sure you continue to get medical treatment to document your disability if you wait to hire an attorney. It’s difficult to fix a case once it’s broken. You’ll need to file all appeals on time and collect your medical records yourself.

I’ve included instructions on how to handle the early parts of your case below in case you want to go forward without an attorney. However, I recommend you call me to represent you now. A few free articles on the internet are not the same as hiring an attorney to handle your case.

What to do before  you apply
 How to file the application
 What you should do after filing for disability.
 How to file an Appeal