How Can My Doctor Help me win my Social Security Case?

How Can My Doctor Help me win my Social Security Case?

There are two things your doctor can do to help you win your case. The first is to keep detailed and consistent treatment notes that document your condition and your symptoms. Often times, the records I get from doctors provide little information other than a diagnosis. Other times, the medical records are clearly auto-filled by a computer-based on something the patient said at an initial visit that might no longer be accurate. It is much easier to prove your case if your doctor’s medical notes provide specific details about your symptoms at each visit. That way your testimony about how your condition affects you will be corroborated by your treatment notes.

The second way your doctor can help you is by filling out a disability questionnaire. Doctors aren’t always focused on how your condition would prevent you from working so asking them direct questions can help. Some doctors don’t like to fill these forms out, but it never hurts to ask. I’ve created several questionnaires over the years that I’ve found help clients win cases and if your condition is unique, I can help draft a questionnaire that is specific to your case and will help guide a doctor to answer the most relevant questions.


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