Hiring a bus accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, can help you get damages from any at-fault parties. Your lawyer will advocate for you in court and show a judge or jury why you should be awarded damages. As a result, your attorney can make a big difference as you attempt to secure the financial compensation you can use to cover the costs relating to your accident. 

At Joel Thrift Law, we can help you collect damages after your Atlanta bus accident. Get in touch with our bus accident attorney. Then, we can file your personal injury lawsuit so you can pursue damages and get the compensation you deserve. 

Bus Accidents Are Common in Atlanta and Other Cities and Towns

Thousands of bus accidents are reported every year. Some of these accidents cause injuries. Following a bus accident that leads to an injury, it is paramount to get medical help. 

A doctor can evaluate a person and assess the severity of their bus accident injury. At this point, the doctor can diagnose and treat the injury. Plus, the doctor may provide a timeline for recovery and estimate how much it will cost to complete the recovery process. 

In addition to consulting with a doctor, it is important to meet with a bus accident lawyer. Next, an individual can get details about their legal options. This individual can decide whether now is the right time to hire an attorney. 

Atlanta Bus Accidents Happen for Many Reasons

Common reasons why bus accidents occur in Atlanta include:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a major problem, and its consequences are significant. A bus driver can look down at their smartphone or get distracted in other ways. When this happens, the driver can take their eyes off the road, which can lead to an accident. 

There is no excuse for distracted driving. A bus driver is required to receive comprehensive training as part of their job. If the driver gets distracted and causes an accident that results in injuries, this individual must be held responsible for their actions. 

Bus accident attorneys are available who can take a deep dive into the root cause of an incident. If an attorney discovers a bus driver was distracted, this individual should face the consequences for their actions. As such, the attorney can help anyone injured in the accident seek damages from the driver.

Inclement Weather Conditions

Atlanta may be best known for its hot, muggy summers and cold, wet winters. The weather conditions in Atlanta can impact bus driver safety. If a bus driver chooses to ignore the weather conditions, this choice can have far-flung effects. 

For example, a bus driver may account for heavy rain. In this instance, the driver may not provide sufficient space between their bus and a car in front of it when braking. The result: the driver can cause a rear-end collision. 

If inclement weather conditions contribute to a bus accident in Atlanta, the bus driver can still be held responsible. You can meet with bus accident lawyers to discuss your accident. When you do, you can explain the incident in detail, and an attorney can help you decide if now is the right time to sue the bus driver or any other at-fault parties. 

Poor Road Conditions 

Roads in Atlanta range in terms of quality. Some roads are clear of debris. Others can have potholes and other hazards that make it tough for bus drivers and other motorists to travel safely. 

Regardless of the road conditions, it is a bus driver’s responsibility to navigate any road with precision and care. If a driver fails to do so, this individual can cause an accident. On top of that, passengers riding the bus and other motorists can suffer injuries in the accident. 

A bus accident attorney in Atlanta takes the guesswork out of lawsuits that involve poor road conditions. The lawyer can gather evidence that illustrates these conditions and how a bus driver ignored them.  In doing so, the attorney can help you present a compelling argument to a judge or jury. 

Not Following the Rules of the Road

The best bus drivers in Atlanta prioritize safety. These drivers understand that a bus accident can take place at any time and take appropriate measures to guard against such issues. Also, they continue to look for ways to get better every day. 

Even the best bus driver can sometimes ignore the rules of the road. If a bus driver travels at a high speed, does not come to a full stop at a stop sign, or ignores other safety regulations, an accident can occur. Worst of all, the accident and any associated injuries may have been avoided if the driver had taken the necessary precautions. 

If you are injured in an Atlanta bus accident caused by a negligent driver, legal help is available. You can look for an Atlanta bus accident attorney who has your best interests top of mind. Once you hire a bus accident lawyer, you can begin the process of pursuing compensation from any at-fault parties. 

Time Is Limited to File an Atlanta Bus Accident Lawsuit

If you get injured in an Atlanta bus accident, you have up to two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. There is a two-year statute of limitations for requesting damages relating to a personal injury in Georgia. If you do not sue an at-fault party immediately after your bus accident, you risk losing the opportunity to seek damages. 

It does not take long to file a bus accident lawsuit. Searching for a bus accident attorney near me is a great starting point. After you identify an attorney who matches your expectations, you can submit the paperwork to file your lawsuit. 

Atlanta bus accident attorneys are committed to their clients’ success. Ideally, your bus accident lawyer will have many years of case experience. Your attorney can apply their legal knowledge and insights to your case and help you achieve the best-possible result. 

Your Atlanta Bus Accident Lawsuit May Require Months or Years

Atlanta bus accident lawyers do everything in their power to help clients get a speedy resolution. However, the legal process can be unpredictable. There can even be times when it takes months or years for a bus accident lawsuit to go to trial. 

When you hire a bus accident lawyer, you should not expect an immediate resolution to your case. Rather, your attorney will commit the time, energy, and resources required to help you settle your case and get the most damages from it. To accomplish these goals, your lawyer works in lockstep with you. 

Over the course of your litigation, your attorney will gather evidence to support your request for damages. Meanwhile, your lawyer is accessible and will respond to any legal questions you have. Your attorney will also keep you up to date on any settlement offers you get. 

Review an Atlanta Bus Accident Settlement Proposal Carefully

Before you start searching for bus accident attorneys near me, you may receive a settlement proposal from an at-fault party. The proposal may arrive within days of your accident. It may provide you with a small amount of compensatory damages in exchange for giving up your right to file a personal injury lawsuit. 

If you receive a settlement offer, consult with a bus accident lawyer. This allows you to meet with an attorney to discuss the offer and decide the best course of action. Most importantly, your lawyer can provide insights into what can happen if you accept or reject the proposal. 

A bus accident lawyer will not pressure you to accept or reject a settlement offer. Instead, the attorney explains the pros and cons of any decision you make regarding the proposal. With this information at your disposal, you can decide how to proceed with an offer. 

How to Decide on an Atlanta Bus Accident Settlement

Partnering with a bus accident lawyer near me is beneficial, particularly for those who receive a settlement proposal. The lawyer can evaluate your bus accident case. From here, the attorney can help you determine how much you may receive in economic and non-economic damages. 

Economic damages are awarded due to medical expenses, loss of wages, and other quantifiable losses. Comparatively, you can receive non-economic damages for pain, suffering, and other subjective losses. In a bus accident lawsuit, you may be eligible for both economic and non-economic damages. 

Highly trained bus accident lawyers near me can calculate damages on your behalf. They can help you see if a settlement proposal falls short of the amount of damages you may receive in a personal injury lawsuit. If the total amount of compensation offered in a settlement is well below what you expect, you can move forward with your lawsuit. 

Bus Accident Settlement Negotiations Are Ongoing

There may be dozens of settlement offers that come your way throughout your litigation. Any time you are presented with a settlement offer, you should discuss it with your attorney. This allows you to get legal insights into the short- and long-term ramifications of any decision you make relating to an offer. 

If a defendant and plaintiff cannot agree to a settlement, the parties go to trial. It may take hours or days to complete a trial. At this time, a judge or jury listens to both parties and renders a verdict. 

In the best-case scenario, a judge or jury will find a plaintiff deserves 100% of the damages that were requested. If this happens, the plaintiff is compensated for any bus accident injuries. The case then gets closed as soon as the defendant pays damages to the plaintiff. 

A Bus Accident Victim Can Be Found Partly Responsible

Georgia is a “comparative negligence” state. This means a person can be found partly responsible for a bus accident, even if this individual is requesting damages. If a judge or jury deems a person partially responsible for a bus accident, this individual can lose money. 

For example, a plaintiff can request $10,000 in a bus accident lawsuit in Atlanta. A judge or jury may find the plaintiff is 20% responsible for the accident. Thus, the plaintiff will be awarded $8,000 in compensation. 

A bus accident lawyer does everything in their power to show a judge or jury that their client deserves to be awarded the full amount of their requested damages. The attorney offers evidence to make it clear to a judge or jury that the defendant is completely responsible for the accident. By doing so, the attorney positions their client for success during trial. 

What to Expect from a Bus Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

A bus accident lawyer prepares their client for trial. To do so, the attorney keeps the lines of communication open. You can reach out to your attorney with legal questions, and your lawyer will respond to them. 

In the weeks before your trial, your attorney will tell you what to expect when the big day arrives. Your lawyer can provide you with details about the legal process and questions you may receive during your trial. If you have pressing concerns about your trial, your attorney will address them. 

Of course, your attorney will do what it takes to help you present a strong argument during your trial. Your lawyer will collect and organize evidence and determine how to present it to a judge or jury. Once you and your attorney have a legal strategy in place, you will know exactly what to expect when your trial gets underway. 

How a Judge or Jury Evaluates a Bus Accident Case

Your attorney is responsible for showing a judge or jury that an at-fault party deserves to be punished for their actions. This requires your lawyer to share police reports, copies of medical bills, and other evidence to support your legal claim. Your lawyer may also rely on witness testimony as part of their efforts to compel a judge or jury to rule in your favor. 

A judge or jury takes as much time as needed to make a decision. In a bus accident case, a judge or jury considers the perspectives of all parties. If a judge or jury finds a plaintiff’s argument is valid, this individual will be awarded damages. 

During a bus accident trial, it is crucial to remain calm, cool, and collected. Your attorney will serve as your guide throughout the trial process. As a result, your lawyer will help you avoid mistakes that can otherwise reduce your chances of securing the most damages possible. 

How to Hire a Bus Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

Many bus accident lawyers are available, but finding the right one can be challenging. Here are things you can do to identify the best Atlanta bus accident lawyer. 

Perform Research

Read through an attorney’s website and learn about the bus accident legal services the lawyer provides. It can be helpful to look at any bus accident client testimonials from the attorney. These testimonials can give you a glimpse into what it is like to work with the lawyer. 

Prepare Questions

Make a list of questions for an attorney. You can share these questions with the lawyer and see how the attorney responds to them. The best lawyer will answer all of your questions to the best of their ability. 

Set Up a Date and Time to Talk to an Attorney

Request a consultation with a bus accident lawyer. You can use the consultation to learn about the attorney’s legal experience and expertise. In addition, you can find out how the lawyer has handled past bus accident cases. 

Do not rush through the process of hiring a bus accident attorney. If you find an attorney who is well-equipped to handle your case, partner with this lawyer. You and your attorney can then work together to seek damages.

Now Is the Time to Hire a Bus Accident Lawyer

A bus accident injury can put a dent in your finances. You are solely responsible for any medical costs to treat your injury. There are many other losses you can incur due to your injury as well. 

By hiring a bus accident lawyer, you can pursue damages from anyone who caused you to suffer economic and non-economic losses. Your lawyer cannot change the fact that you were involved in a bus accident that has impacted your everyday life. Conversely, your attorney can help you request compensation from anyone responsible for your accident. 

If you are considering hiring a bus accident lawyer, now is the right time to meet with an attorney. You can share information about your bus accident and how it has impacted you. The attorney can then explain what you can do to pursue damages relating to your accident. 

Get Started with a Bus Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

For more than 12 years, Joel Thrift Law has helped bus accident victims and many others seek compensation in personal injury cases. We can connect you with an Atlanta bus accident lawyer right away. To learn more or request a free consultation, please contact us today.