Newsletter: July 2020

The Importance of Sharing a Laugh

Humor is one of the most important things we carry in life, and nobody understood that better than my father-in-law, who recently passed away from … CONTINUE READING

The Case That Was Frozen on Arrival

This is the story of a woman who just couldn’t let it go. It was the fall of 2014 — Dennis Rodman became friends with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie with Oscar winners at the Academy Awards became the most retweeted image of all time. And an author sued Disney for $250 million after she claimed that the company stole major elements of her published memoir to craft the movie … CONTINUE READING

What Does the Constitution Mean to You?

Most teenagers are more interested in hanging out with their friends and listening to the next cool band than diving into the United States Constitution. But that’s exactly how some students have been spending their mornings, afternoons, and evenings: studying and preparing to debate their peers all over the nation about the contents of the 200-year-old document. Their motivation? Prestige, honor, and thousands of dollars of scholarship … CONTINUE READING

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