Will my Stimulus Impact the SSDI Income Limit for 2020?

Will my Stimulus Impact the SSDI Income Limit for 2020?

The Social Security Administration relies on the U.S. average wage index to determine how much a person’s income can be and still qualify for SSDI. For 2020, the SSA has determined that disabled individuals on SSDI can make up $1260 per month and remain eligible to receive SSDI benefits. Blind SSDI recipients can earn up to $2110 before they no longer qualify for SSDI.  However, SSDI recipients are not bound by limits on unearned income. Examples of unearned income include investment and interest earnings or spousal income.

Will My SSDI Benefits Decrease If I Receive a Stimulus Payment from the Government?

Stimulus payments will not affect monthly SSDI, SSI or Social Security payments.There is no need to report stimulus payments to the SSA as income. In addition, stimulus payments are not taxable and will not count as a resource unless you have not spent the payment one year after receiving it.

What Should I Do If I am on SSDI But Haven’t Received a Stimulus Payment Yet?

As long as individuals receiving SSDI have a valid Social Security number and are not claimed as a dependent on a parent or guardian’s tax return, they should receive an economic impact payment totaling $1200. If you are on SSDI and have children under the age of 17 who live with you at six months out of the year, you should also receive another $500 per child.

Can SSDI Recipients Have Their Stimulus Payments Garnished?

No. Stimulus payments cannot be garnished for past due taxes or a student loan default. However, SSDI recipients who are behind in child support payments will likely see their payment reduced or eliminated altogether to pay for past due child support.

What Else Should SSDI Recipients Know About Economic Impact Payments?

Railroad and veteran retirement beneficiaries and recipients of SSI and SSDI who have not filed tax returns for the past three years will need to enter their payment information on the IRS website. This is also necessary if you have a minor child who qualifies for the $500 payment. You will not automatically receive the extra $500 payment for children under 17 in the household unless you provide information to the IRS.

Even if the government decides to issue another economic impact payment to U.S. citizens this year, that payment will not change the amount of your monthly SSDI benefits. SSDI benefits only change if you earn income over the limit established for 2020.

If you do see a reduction in your SSDI benefits after receiving a stimulus payment and don’t know why the SSA has decreased your benefits, contact Joel Thrift Law to schedule an appointment. Trying to resolve an issue with SSA is usually stressful and time-consuming, with different representatives providing different answers to your inquires. We can help you resolve problems as quickly as possible so you don’t have to deal with complex SSA rules and regulations.